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The CPS Canine Unit, in partnership with the Calgary Police Foundation, proudly presents the 2020 Canine Unit Calendar. These dogs, alongside their handlers, put their lives on the line every day to keep Calgarians safe. They truly are heroes to all of us. We recognize and honour them with this campaign. Please support our Canine Heroes, and ultimately the Calgary Police Foundation, which funds programs that help Calgary youth avoid crime and victimization. Only $12 each (+ $5 shipping for online orders).

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Arzan Axel Baron Berkley Blade Boris Fibi Fly Jake Jester Ki Kina Kola Logan Max Orry Paco Saber Sammy Xena


Breed: German Shepherd
Born: Hungary
Special Skills: Patrol
Handler: Officer Mike

Arzan here. First thing I want to say is that even though this profile is all about me, you should know that all of us police dogs work and train together, so teamwork is very important to us. But we also enjoy a little competition among colleagues. I have a friendly rivalry with CPS dog Sammy, who I consider the second best dog at apprehending offenders (I’m first). I’ve helped catch car prowlers, fleeing offenders, and all other types of runaway bad guys. One time, an offender was ramming a stolen car into civilian and cop cars. Once his vehicle was stopped, he got out and ran away. You know what happened next… I was happy to help take him into custody and make the streets safe again! My reward for doing a good job is playtime with my red rope Kong.

My best buddy is my roommate, Kola, a female Explosives Detection Dog who lives with me at Officer Mike’s house. I’m a hardworking dog, but I also love my people, feel like a real part of Officer Mike’s family. Away from work, I spend a lot of time resting up for the next shift, so that when I get to the office… I’m ready to go!

Super awesome canine fact: All dogs are trained as general service patrol dogs. Some dogs go on to specialized training to sniff out drugs, explosives or cadavers.


Breed: German Shepherd
Born: Germany
Special Skills: Patrol
Handler: Officer Aron

Hi, I’m Axel. People say I look like a bear, or an Ewok - it’s the hair. I’m a German Shepherd who comes from Germany – an OG, danke very much. I caught two bad guys on my very first shift! That’s like Connor McDavid rookie production! The most rewarding part of a patrol dog’s job is catching criminals that harm others, so we can try to keep everyone protected. When I’m chasing a fleeing offender I’m running fast – like 50 km/h fast – and all that’s going through my head is: “I’m gonna get you! I’m gonna get you! I’m gonna get you!”

I live at home with Officer Aron and his family. I only eat dog food and McDonald’s cheeseburgers, and my favourite treat is heartworm medication (I’m lovin’ it!). I don’t really get in a bad mood; I just love finding bad guys, working with my CPS brothers and sisters, and serving the fine people of Calgary!

Super awesome canine fact: These dogs are the NHL stars of the dog world. They exercise daily and eat top quality food. Daily training keeps them sharp and gives them new challenges.

Baron (Retired)

Breed: German Shepherd
Born: Poland
Special Skills: Patrol
Handler: Officer Chris

Hi, I’m Baron. I’m a pretty quiet guy, but so is a missile before it’s launched. I get called out any time a serious offence has taken place and the offender has fled on foot, is hiding, or has dropped evidence. I’m black as a shadow, fast as a breeze, and strong as a bull; I’m a defender in the night sent to disarm evil people. One winter, I was deployed on a car-jacking suspect hiding in a front yard. As patrol officers approached, the offender pulled a handgun… I ran in and seized his arm before he could get the gun out, and my human partners arrested him. My handler was very proud that night, as we protected our fellow officers and the public, plus we prevented a potential deadly force encounter.

Off the job, I live in my indoor/outdoor kennel at Officer Chris’ house, and my favourite person is his son. I like to chill and go for the occasional swim, but I guess I don’t really get too excited away from the office. I live to work, and I like nothing more than getting called out to find bad people and protect the citizens of Calgary.

Super awesome canine fact: Many criminals fear dogs. When a police dog is on the scene, offenders are far more likely to comply with police instructions.


Breed: Golden Labrador Retriever
Born: Saskatchewan
Special Skills: Cadaver Detection
Handler: Officer Derek

Hi people of Calgary! I’m canine officer, Berkley. My job is Cadaver Detection and I usually get called out 6-12 times a year, only for homicide and missing persons investigations. All officers, human and canine, just want everyone in Calgary to be safe. It is sad for me, and my handler, to know that success often means finding a victim’s body. When an investigation gets to the point where I’m called in, I need to help find evidence that will lead to an arrest and ensure that the offender can’t hurt anyone else.

I know all the other dogs claim to have “high energy”, but I’m famous for it. I get so excited for work or play that I can’t contain it. When I get really excited, I jump on my back legs continuously in one spot. I can’t help it! Sometimes I’m moving too fast for my own good – like the time I ran right into a plate glass window. I live at Officer Derek’s house, with a dog house, but I barely ever sleep. I mean, what’s the point? My handler, Officer Derek, says my energy is what makes me a great working dog and also, at times, irritating. He calls me a “handful”; I call him the “fun police”!

Super awesome canine fact: Cadaver Detection Dogs often have to work for days at a time in order to find a missing person. The handler will hide a pack of blood for them to find every once in a while, in order to give the dog a reward and keep them interested.


Breed: Belgian Malinios
Born: The Netherlands
Special Skills: Stolen vehicles, break and enters, fleeing offenders
Handler: Officer Jason

Hi everyone, my name is Blade, but really, I like my nicknames better which are Wesley or Snipes. I was pretty young when I was officially sworn into the Calgary Police Service Canine unit – I was only two. I trained for six months and I am called upon to protect the good citizens of Calgary way more times than I can count.

I know you only hear me barking, but what I am really saying is ““I know I can catch him, I know I can catch him! Yep I was right - I caught him!” The reason I can catch the bad guy is that I am faster than them. Catching bad guys is the favourite part of my job.

I live at home with my handler and sleep in a kennel on my special box. My favourite toy is my Kong and my favourite game is playing catch with it. When I get a treat, I always ask for the Scooby Snacks. I love my handler’s family – they are my best human friends. Sometimes we even watch my favourite TV show together - Paw Patrol.

I love to work hard. That would be my advice to you – “always try your hardest and never give up.” My handler thinks I am a darn good police dog and we work hard together to make Calgary a safe home for all of us.


Breed: Belgian Malinios
Born: The Netherlands
Special Skills: Tracking, evidence, apprehending offenders
Handler: Officer Shane

Hi everyone. My name is Boris, I am 4 years old, and share the same birthday as my officer Shane. We love to come to work every night and catch bad guys who are doing crime in your neighbourhood. If you know where a bad guy is - you call me!

Before work I like to catch an extra nap by sleeping in the sun on my deck at home and chewing on my favourite toy. At work we GO GO GO!! And that’s the way I like it.

Nightly we search for car prowlers, robbery suspects, and criminals breaking into buildings. When I do a great job and catch a bad guy, Officer Shane gives me a pat on the head and an extra treat. He says “BRAFFY” which means “good dog” in Dutch.

On my days off I like to chill out at Officer Shane’s house and rest up. Sometimes we go for a walk or do a little extra training to keep my skills sharp. That’s it for now kids, stay FROSTY!!


Breed: Belgian Malinois
Born: Slovakia
Special Skills: Explosives Detective Dog


Breed: German Shepherd
Born: The Netherlands
Special Skills: Patrol
Handler: Officer Gabe

Hello, people. As you might guess from my name, I have a lot of energy. I buzz. When I get really excited I bark a lot too, which gets on Officer Gabe’s nerves. Hey, I can’t help it. When I’m at work I’m very serious and always alert when I’m looking for something. Gabe says my best attribute is my nose as I’m really good at tracking people. I’m not one to kiss and tell, so let’s just say this: I’ve got lots of good stories about catching LOTS of bad guys. Patrol dogs like me don’t just catch fleeing offenders; we also scour crime scenes to find evidence. I can’t divulge details (saving them for my memoirs), but one time I found a key piece of evidence from a break and enter that linked the suspect to the crime. Officer Gabe was very proud of me that day.

When I’m off duty I love to go swimming. One time I tried to be a fish and submerged my whole body – my head too! I came up coughing and saw Gabe having a nice chuckle at my expense. Here’s my advice - keep your head above the water! I’d like to close with this message to all Calgarians: although we have a dangerous job, I will never shy away from catching bad guys and keeping you safe.

Super awesome canine fact: : In addition to suspect apprehension and searching for evidence, drugs, explosives and cadavers, police dogs’ responsibilities can include locating lost persons and property, VIP protection duties, hostage situations, and police/community relations.


Breed: Belgian Malinois
Born: Kosice, Slovakia
Special Skills: Patrol
Handler: Officer Will

I’m Jake and I’m a friendly guy, but when it’s time to go to an important call I switch instantly into work mode, where I’m alert, obedient, fearless, and have great endurance to track or contain a scene for a very long time. When it’s time to chase down a fleeing offender, I’m like a strong safety in football turning my blazing speed into maximum impact. The quarries (snacks in a fluffy suit) say I’m one of the hardest hitters. One time, an offender robbed a store at gunpoint, fled from police officers in a stolen vehicle, crashed, and ran into some bushes. Work mode engaged – I tracked him down and took him into custody.

I live in a custom-built doghouse and run at Officer Will’s house. Will and his wife are my favourite people in the world. I’m a totally different dog when I’m off-duty: in play mode, I’m very friendly and social. I really enjoy my walks around the community on my days off, and meeting the people and dogs that are my neighbours. If you know my name and want to rub the side of my belly I’ll curl right up and be your best friend. Will thinks I’m a goof ball because I jump around and run in circles like a puppy, but when it’s time for a shift, this dog gets serious. I’ll be in work mode, patrolling the streets and keeping Calgary communities safe!

Super awesome canine fact: Once a police dog has found an object he will notify his handler by a change of behaviour, which is called an “passive indication”, or in more dangerous situations (like an explosives search) by sitting or lying down, which is called a “passive alert”.


Breed: German Shepherd
Born: The Netherlands
Special Skills: Patrol and Drug Detection
Handler: Officer Jason

Hi people, I’m Jester. As my name suggests, I like to play and joke around, but I’m serious about my job. I love to track: people, evidence, drugs, whatever they need me to find, I’ll find it. I get called out hundreds of times a year to dangerous situations like robberies, break and enters, and weapons calls. Wherever bad guys try to run or hide, I can find them, too. One time, a fleeing offender thought he could run away from the police. I tracked his scent all through a neighbourhood to a small space he was hiding in under a staircase, and we got him!

I love my job, chasing a ball, chewing on a bone, and belly rubs… guess I’m kind of a cliché. I sleep at Officer Jason’s house, but my sleep patterns are all over the place, like my human partner’s, because of the shiftwork. So when there’s down time at work, I sneak in a quick nap. My BFF is my buddy Hank, a French Bulldog who isn’t nearly as pretty as me. But my favourite human is definitely Officer Jason!

Super awesome canine fact: Most dogs come from Europe where there is a long tradition of breeding Police Service Dogs. They must be top-notch before being accepted as a new recruit.


Breed: Labrador
Born: Saskatchewan
Special Skills: Cadaver Detective Dog


Breed: Belgian Malinios
Born: Netherlands
Special Skills: Patrol
Handler: Officer Clay

Hello, my name is Kina! I am a 6 ½ year old Belgian Malinios, born in the Netherlands. I am one of two current female canine patrol dogs.

Do you know what Kina means? “Defender of Mankind.” I take my name very serious. In fact, on my very first call in Calgary I tracked down a dangerous bad guy who ran from my human co-workers. He picked a great hiding place but he couldn’t fool my nose!

Fun fact, I can sleep through anything. Often when my partner is using all of the emergency equipment on the way to a call, I’m sleeping – and snoring.

I live at home with Officer Clay and his family. I enjoy playing with my pink Kong that I got for Valentine’s Day.


Breed: Belgian Malinois
Born: Hungary
Special Skills: Explosive detection

Hey Calgary! I love to serve in keeping my home safe. My name is Kola, and I am a Belgian Malinois from Hungary. I am proud to say that I have an incredible sense of smell – hence my very important job in the CPS – I am an explosive detection dog. Not everyone can say that!

But when I am not sniffing out explosives, my favourite thing to do is to give hugs – well, and pester the other dog in the family, “Ninja”. I am full of energy and totally lovable. My handler might get annoyed with me occasionally though – I don’t exactly control all my energy and sometimes, well, I have selective hearing.

But you know what? I’m cute. And, well, some might even call me a Diva. While I don’t believe this myself, I have even been called stubborn and mischievous – imagine!

I probably didn’t make the best first impression – during training I went to the bathroom in the tactical office! Yikes…..who knew that’s what it was. Plus, I like to sleep on top of my kennel instead of inside it. They probably thought I was totally weird.

When my new family came to get me, I met Arzan – another K9 hero and we have a lot of fun. To tell you a little secret, my original name was “Mini”. I didn’t like that as much as the new name by popular demand, and one I chose myself - Kola.

Logan (retired)

Breed: German Shepherd
Born: Germany
Special Skills: Patrol and Drug Detection
Handler:Officer Jason

In the annals of comic book history it is written that Wolverine (aka Logan) of the X-Men hails from Cold Lake, AB. I’m proud to share my name with him, an Alberta legend who also uses his superior senses, reflexes, and strength to battle evil. I like to chase down dangerous offenders so we can protect people from being hurt by them in the future. To me it’s like chasing a big, slow, two-footed rabbit. One time I helped apprehend a bad guy that had hurt a young person. Cases like that are terrible, so we were glad to assist with the arrest, knowing that we were helping the victim and anyone else the offender might try to hurt next. I’m also a drug dog and I’ve assisted in countless calls to find hidden narcotics.

I like to go for a swim in the lake during down time. I live in a small mansion in a gated community (okay, it’s my fenced-in doghouse and run at Officer Jason’s house). Sometimes I sleep in the truck on a quiet shift, but I don’t sleep much at home because I always want to be ready to go when Officer Jason comes to get me for work!

Super awesome canine fact: Both the dogs and their handlers undergo rigorous training for four to six months. Training is on-going and both animal and officer are tested annually.

Max aka Maximus

Breed: German Shepherd
Born: The Netherlands
Special Skills: Patrol and Drug Detection
Handler: Officer Jim

If you’ve seen the movie Gladiator you know that most people named Maximus are powerful heroes. I think I gained my special powers - excellent nose and a talent for tracking bad guys - when I lost my toe. I don’t consider it a disability, but rather a unique trait that gives me more strength. Besides, it hasn’t slowed me down one bit. On my very first deployment I caught a fleeing offender and I’ve done it hundreds of times since. My handler, Officer Jim, says I’m the prototypical (which means ‘perfect’) police dog: strong, trainable, great senses, loyal, and ever-vigilant (his words... really, I swear!).

I also love to play and I’m very social with dogs and humans. I don’t understand this magic glass you humans are always staring into to do your hair and makeup... I look in and see this angry dog that keeps BARKING at me and then I have to BARK back more and it just goes on and on! Officer Jim tells all the other Canine Unit handlers that they have the second-best dog in the world. The feeling’s mutual, old buddy. I’d do anything to to help protect Officer Jim, or any Calgarian in need.

Super awesome canine fact: When seizing a suspect, a police dog is trained to hold, not tear. As the suspect tries to pull away, some tearing of the skin can occur, so the offender may require medical attention after being apprehended.


Breed: Belgian Malinois
Born: Slovakia
Special Skills: Patrol

Hey there! My name is Orry and I am a Belgian Malinois all the way from Slovakia. I have super high levels of energy and I love working – I am always ready to work hard to help keep Calgary streets safe – especially for the young ones.

Ok, so I have one tiny fault, but it’s not really my fault! My human partner says I have Dog breath – what’s a guy to do?

I might have Dog breath, but you know what? I am light, aerodynamic and very, very fast! Don’t you think that makes up for it? Plus, I am full of energy and always up to the challenge of learning new skills. You know, that life-long learning thing.

Anyway, I get so excited when I get to go to work, I feel like I can fly! I even tried jumping over the side of my partner’s truck, rather than taking the easy way out by using the tail gate. Hmmm, anyone can do that…

I am especially happy because I made my partner proud in training – I completed an unknown track right from start to finish. So there bad guys, you won’t escape me! I will track you down.


Breed: Dutch Shephard
Born: The Netherlands
Special Skills: Tracking, Bite Work, Evidence
Handler: Jenn Oliver

Hi everyone. My name is Paco. I am very friendly and my handler, Officer Jenn, says I do a great job! Officer Jenn also says I can be stubborn at times. I think I am not so stubborn – just determined! On the job I am not afraid of anything and always willing to do something new. But, when I am at home I am pretty laid back.

I have to do a lot of training as a canine officer. One of the things I have to do in training is to stay in a ‘down’ for ten minutes. This is one of the best training exercises and sometimes I try to sneak in a little nap during it. Officer Jenn says I am having a siesta. I don’t know what that is, but is sounds pretty neat.

I have the best job in the world, because I get to keep people safe.


Breed: Belgian Malinois
Born: The Netherlands
Special Skills: Patrol and Explosives Detection

Hi Calgary, I’m Saber - I’m lucky (I guess) because my handler is the Head Canine Trainer. He got me street-ready with months of intensive training; let’s just say he barks at me just as much as I bark at him. But we’re buddies now. I like to jump up on him when I’m excited, which has resulted in several ripped uniforms. On my fourth shift on the job, I tracked an offender who had stolen a truck and crashed it into someone’s yard. I did exactly what my training taught me and followed his scent through the neighbourhood until I finally found him hiding under a deck. A deck… how original. Why do these bad guys think that’s a good hiding place?

One time, my handler took me on an airplane from Calgary to Ottawa. After we landed, I got to go into the cockpit and meet the pilots. I jumped right up into the pilot’s seat to see what it felt like. My best attribute is my drive, but my handler won’t let me drive the truck. If he did, I guess I wouldn’t need him anymore, so I’ll let him have it. I really love my home and my job. I’m always excited to come to work and protect the citizens of Calgary!

Super awesome canine fact: Prospective police dogs are x-rayed and must be rated “excellent” in the hips, back, elbows and knees prior to training, to minimize their risk of injury while on the job.


Breed: Dutch Shepherd
Born: The Netherlands
Special Skills: Police Service Dog


Special Skills:

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