I Know It Was Your Job, but you doing your job kept me alive

This letter was received by a MASST team from a former student in the program. She was 14 years old at the time, soon turning 19: I’m unsure if you still work here, I have no clue if you still use this email. But this is Jamie, a kid you worked with in Calgary. I […]

My story begins in Toronto and was not always difficult.

I grew up following all the rules, graduated high school with good marks, went to university, and began a career where I worked my way up to management.  I started a family, bought a house, had my dream job, and easily provided for my family.  And then in 2014, we moved to Calgary, it seems […]

If YouthLink Had Been Around When I Grew Up, Perhaps I Would Have Made Different Choices

I want to express my deepest gratitude for hosting my grade six class at YouthLink.  I was surprised by the emotional impact I felt at the end of this experience. After taking some time to reflect, I came to realize the impact that I would have experienced from attending YouthLink when I was growing up. […]

I wasn’t a good kid, but the Police believed I could be

My name is Phillip and I am one of the graduates from the Youth at Risk Development Program (YARD), one of six programs funded by the Calgary Police Foundation. When I was younger I was breaking into cars, stealing, smashing bus shelters, skipping school, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Doing all this made […]

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